Brando Island - Island Electrification / Tourism - 2018

Solar energy for the island of Marlon Brando

Hollywood legend Marlon Brando had a life dream; a sustainable, exclusive resort “The Brando” on the paradisiac atoll of Tetiaroain French Polynesia.

For the hotel the new SMA solution enables not only a solar energy ratio of 60%, but improves significantly the grid in terms of resilience and quality, harmonics, stability of frequency and voltage and a full UPS function. It blackstarts the grid within seconds.

Plant information

Installed PV power
1.3 MWp

Installed storage capacity

Installed storage capacity
2.6 MWh

Generator capacity

Generator capacity
1.2 MVA

SMA System Technology

  • Sunny Central Storage 2200 Grid Forming
  • MV Block and MVS
  • Hybrid Controller
  • 32 SMA Sunny Tripower PV inverters

Special features of the energy system

  • Largest BEES in French Polynesia
  • Stable utility grid in just seconds thanks to the Blackstart function
  • Annual solar fraction of over 60%
  • 500,000 liters of fuel saved annually

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