Off-grid Solutions

Based on the Sunny Island product family Altenso delivers solution for battery based off-grid applications in the power range of 6kWp to 300kWp. These systems can be used in both off-grid and on-grid applications, with or without diesel generators. The plant is controlled via the Sunny Island which actively manages PV, gensets and loads.

PV-Diesel Hybrid Solutions

The Hybrid Controller (HyCon) represents a very flexible solution for medium and large solar hybrid plants (>100kW). HyCon allows direct coupling of renewable energy sources to gensets grids or to the public grid. The control system performs comprehensive grid management functions, ensures maximum operational safety and minimal operation expenditures.

In combination with the Sunny Central Storage, batteries can be included to stabilize the grid or provide ancillary grid services. Due to the optional grid forming function of the battery inverter, these off-grid systems can also run in a “diesel-off” mode, thus enabling a higher solar penetration. Black-start functionality allows starting the whole grid without any additional power from gensets.

Large Scale Battery Solutions

Large-scale Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) are the perfect solution for multiple applications and business cases, e.g. colocation with renewable energy sources or for ancillary services. With more than 1 GW of installed battery capacity, SMA is the market leader for battery inverters on an international scale according to IHS Reports. Based on the Sunny Central Storage, in-house developed containerized battery solutions and control systems, SMA Altenso can deliver in-house completely integrated grid-connected or off-grid BESS systems.

Hydrogen Solutions

The increasing share of fluctuating renewable energy and the drive to de-carbonize our economy leads to a rapid and sustainable growth of the hydrogen economy as basis for converting energy use away from fossil fuels and provide long term storage for renewable power plants. The production of green hydrogen using water electrolysis with SMA’s leading power conversion systems will be key to meet the ambitious targets of many countries and support the race towards a net-zero emissions target.

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