Products and Systems


SMA Altenso supplies SMA’s complete product portfolio. As one of the world leading companies for off-grid inverters, we are present in many countries worldwide and have local partners who provide local sales and installation and maintenance services.

All SMA products fulfill high quality standards. Products are tested in our test labs and are designed for harsh weather conditions (for example, high temperatures, dust, etc).

SMA products


In order to complete our offering, we provide additional third-party products and technical services for our customers. Customers in emerging countries benefit from outstanding technical support coupled with complete package delivery of all solar system components.

We offer comprehensive commercial services for your solar or storage projects thanks to our experience in international logistics in developing countries customized to local requirements.

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Training and knowledge transfer

The SMA Solar Academy helps developing local skills and capacity and offers on-site technical training. Through collaboration with SMA Altenso GmbH, technical insights and best practices can be shared with local solar stakeholders (installers, EPCs, project developers and grid operators) in order to accelerate the development of solar technologies in the local market. To establish sustainable training entities, we collaborate with local universities and support them with setting up their own PV training labs, where regular trainings are occurring. Customers find additional support in on-site training, roadshows, and local seminars.

SMA Solar Academy

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Solar Training: Board Exchange (Nigeria)