Frequency regulation Langenreichenbach, Germany 2018

The large scale on-grid battery storage project in Langenreichenbach, Germany, is prequalified with an output of 16 MW / 25 MWh PRL (Primärregelleistung – Frequency response). It is one of the largest battery storage systems in Germany and helps stabilizing grid frequency 24/7.

The system is installed near a substation and is connected at 33 kV. The project uses lead carbon batteries and is the first of a series of projects of the same type.

Project information

  • 16 MW PRL (Primärregelleistung) battery system combined with lead carbon batteries

  • Frequency regulation services at the grid via demand power/ storage supply and provision of reactive power

SMA System Technology

  • 9 Sunny Central Storage

  • 9 Medium Voltage Power Station 1900

  • 2 plant control with SMA Fuel Save Controller

  • 1 SMA Sunbelt Monitoring System

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