Solar energy for the island of Marlon Brando

Brando Island Island Electrification / Tourism 2018

Hollywood legend Marlon Brando had a life dream; a sustainable, exclusive resort “The Brando” on the paradisiac atoll of Tetiaroain French Polynesia.

For the hotel the new SMA solution enables not only a solar energy ratio of 60%, but improves significantly the grid in terms of resilience and quality, harmonics, stability of frequency and voltage and a full UPS function. It blackstarts the grid within seconds.

Plant information

Installed PV power

1.3 MWp


Installed storage capacity

2.6 MWh

Generator capacity

1.2 MVA

SMA System Technology

  • Sunny Central Storage 2200 Grid Forming

  • MV Block and MVS

  • Hybrid Controller

  • 32 SMA Sunny Tripower PV inverters

Special features of the energy system

  • Largest BEES in French Polynesia

  • Stable utility grid in just seconds thanks to the Blackstart function

  • Annual solar fraction of over 60%

  • 500,000 liters of fuel saved annually

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