PV-Hybrid Solutions Maevatanana, Madagascar 2016

Maevatanana had a very unstable grid supply with multihourly and scheduled grid outages. Thanks to the installation of new gensets and the PV installation, the system operates with only one genset and over 60% of the energy is provided by the PV system during daytime.

After the installation of the system, the local load consumption has increased by over 20% and an increase up to 30% is increased in the next months.

Running with only 1 genset it reaches >80 % penetration on power generation during day time.

Plant information

Installed PV power

386 kWp

Diesel capacity

3 x 150 kVA

SMA System Technology

  • 1 Fuel Save Controller 2.0

  • 16 Sunny Tripower 25000TL-30

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