Hospital, Haiti (C&I) 2016

With 700 employees (300 nurses / 50 doctors / 350 staff) and 350 beds the hospital provides care services for 3 communities in the rural area of Haiti –over 700 patients per day have access to professional health care. The pediatric department delivers 30 babies per day.

BHI designs, builds, and equips high-quality, sustainable health-care facilities in impoverished regions of the world. Working for Partners in Health, an international organization operating in nine countries, BHI is in charge for their flagship, the University Hospital in Mirebalais. Reducing the costs for the electrical consumption by approx. 30 % using the SMA Fuel saver controlling the 509,5 kWp system give room the for further needed expansion of the hospital, being able to serve the Haitian residents even better.

Plant information

Installed PV power

509,5 kWp

Annual diesel savings

approx. 25.000 liters

SMA System Technology

  • 20 SMA Sunny Tripower STP 20000 TL-30

  • SMA Fuel Save Controller

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