Tiburon, Haiti (Micro-Grid) 2018

Tiburon, Haiti (Creole: Tibiwon) is a commune of the Chardonnières Arrondissement, in the “Sud department of Haiti”. Being on the far end of the Haitian peninsula there is no connection to the main distribution grid and a connection would be very cost intensive.

“This microgrid has an operational capacity of 160kW and will provide power to the approximately 20,000 residents of Tiburon. “Building up a microgrid to supply the commune with electricity is vital for the region and will lead to a continuous growth.” says the CEO of DigitalKap, Patrick Eugene. The system is designed to provide energy to the isolated town and can easily be expanded, growing with the energy demand. The system utilizes a remote monitoring system, allowing the microgrid’s operations to be monitored from anywhere, 24/7.

Plant information

Installed PV power

95,04 kWp

Battery Capacity

11200 Ah @ C10

Annual solar fraction

more than 60 %

SMA System Technology

  • 4 x SMA Sunny Tripower STP 25000 TL

  • SMA Multicluster Box 12

  • 6 x Sunny Island 8.0 H

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