Resort, Tanzania (Tourism)2016

The camp in the Serengeti was supplied by two 100kWp diesel generators running nonstop day and night at a high cost per month. With the newly installed Solar System, which was designed, installed and commissioned by Harmonic Systems Ltd, the camp saves up 85% of its diesel costs.

The 133kWp solar array and 900 kWh battery bank with the SMA Multicluster System with Sunny Island runs the camp during the day and night. During prolonged period of days with cloud cover the diesel generators work as a backup, charging the batteries and simultaneously providing the camp with power. SMA Multicluster System with Sunny Island was the obvious choice for this system due to the reliability of the products given the remote location in Tanzania.

Plant information

Installed PV power

133 kWp

Annual energy yield

206.000 kWh

Reduction in CO2

168 tons

Annual diesel savings


SMA System Technology

  • 15 Sunny Island 8.0H-11

  • 6 SMA Sunny Tripower 20000TL-30

  • 1 Multicluster Box 36

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