SMA Altenso offers customized applications for different key industries. Based on our know-how and worldwide experience, we can provide additional customized products such as battery-based UPS systems, synthetic inertia and adapt our products, solutions and services to meet the local requirements of each different industry segment.

Tourism sector - SMA Sunbelt

Tourism sector

(e.g. hotels, resorts)

Island Electrification - SMA Sunbelt

Island Electrification

(e.g. Caribbean or Philippines/Indonesia)

Mining and Cement - SMA Sunbelt

Mining and Cement

(e.g. mining, cement, oil&gas)

Rural Electrification - SMA Sunbelt

Rural Electrification

(Village electrification, agriculture, Mini-Grids)

C&I - SMA Sunbelt


(e.g. food processing)